Is your house listed but not selling?

Are you worried because you haven’t seen too much activity on your property recently? Stop stressing and beating yourself up. It’s normal. People are being instructed to stay home and practice social distancing. And buyers are pulling back or holding off because of the Covid crisis. This is the perfect time to talk to a professional home buying company like Candid Property Solutions!

Here are some of the things that we can offer:

  • a cash offer. you don’t have to worry about bank approval any longer
  • a closing that is based on your timeline. we can close quick or slow, whichever works for you
  • a commission-free deal. save thousands of dollars. we’re not gonna charge you for any agent fees or commissions, we are the BUYER
  • less effort sale. no need to fix anything. we buy as-is
  • a showing at your own comfort. no need for multiple visits. we can even do it virtually, just send us pictures!

Sell your house to a “for-sure-thing”. Avoid uncertainty!

Call us at 310-658-8252!