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We know that each person has their own problems and they may be different from one person to the next that is why we make sure that our approach to your problems is personalized and is based on how we can support you. Our goal is to come up with a customized solution that will fit your personal needs. CANDID Property Solutions is a skilled home buying company that has an astonishing track record for honesty and trustworthiness when working with home-owners and helping them sell their house. Work with us and we’ll make sure that you will get:


Are you moving out of state? Are you trying to avoid foreclosure? Do you have outstanding liens? Are you Upside down on your mortgage? Going through a divorce? Candid Property Solutions can help you with any troubles that you’re going through because of your house. It doesn’t matter whether you’re leasing it, or if it’s vacant, or if you live there, or even if it’s inhabitable. We’ll buy your house based on what you need and make an offer that will work for you and help you resolve any trouble that you have when you want to sell my house fast.

Do you have a property that you want to sell fast? We’re Buying Houses in California! We can make you a fair cash offer and you can pick your own timeline!


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With boots on the ground in all 50 states – we can give you a level of personal service and attentiveness that is unmatched in this business. Click on the different regions below to know more about each area that we buy houses California in. And do not hesitate to reach out to us even if you don’t see your area on the list! We are open to buying houses all through 50 states so we can help out people that need to sell their houses.

Popular Areas We Buy Houses California In:

Are you having trouble selling your house fast? Have you tried asking for an agent’s help but still failed? Listing your property is not always the best option for everyone. But we know that time is very important – every second means money and we definitely don’t want to waste yours so we will let you know right off the bat if we are able to provide you what you need for your property. Unlike listing to an agent, you don’t have to waste your time – waiting to know if your funding goes through. We buy houses California in CASH so you will have an answer right away!

At CANDID Property Solutions, we pride ourselves on being fair and trustworthy with the property owners that we work with. We aim to be transparent so you know what to expect for you to plan accordingly and have a seamless transaction. Here are some testimonials from some of the homeowners that we worked with. See how satisfied and happy they are when we buy houses California

We Buy Houses California | Five Star Testimonial

We Buy Houses Local Review For Home Buying Company
We Buy Houses Local - CANDID Property Solutions

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There is nothing more valuable to use than our reputation! So you can expect that you will be treated justly, with care and with the highest level of regard. We will see to it that we will help you from the moment you reached out to us until the completion of the deal. Candid aims to make the homeowners that we work with contented and happy. We wanna make sure that your problems are resolved when you need to sell my house fast.

It doesn’t matter what shape the house is in, or even if there are tenants in there that you can’t get rid of … you don’t need to worry. We’ll take care of it for you! Our goal is to help get you out from the property that is stressing you out and make your life easier while still paying a fast, fair and honest price for your property. The good news is, we can help you with almost all of the circumstances that you’re going through. Are these situations familiar? Candid can definitely help if you need to sell my house fast California

Some Reasons Why We Buy Houses California :

If you need to sell your house fast, chances are it might be because you are undergoing some sort of turmoil related to the property. Do these situations sound familiar?

  • Are you trying to get rid of a Vacant property?
  • Are You Dealing With Frustrating Tenants (Friends or Family) That You Can’t Get Rid Of?
  • Do you have a Property for Lease that is giving you a headache?
  • Are You Facing Foreclosure?
  • Is Your House A “Fixer Upper” That You Can’t Fix Up?
  • Is There Little Or No Equity On Your Home?
  • Are you going through a Divorce And Need To Sell My House Fast?
  • Did You Inherit An Old House?
  • Do you Need To Move Out Of State?
  • Are you trying to Avoid Paying Agent Commission?

If you’ve had trouble getting rid of your property even after hiring an agent, we sure can still buy your house! W After all, we specialize in solving property problems! Our story started in Los Angeles, California through our sister company, Mrs. Property Solutions. After tremendous success in California, we have decided to branch our services into other markets and have boots on the ground ready to serve you when you decide to sell your house fast California!

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If you still have questions or would just like to gather more information before you decide on which credible home buying company you want to work with, then we have some great resources available on our Frequently Asked Questions page! If you would like a thorough look at exactly how we buy houses California, then visit the How It Works page to get more specific information about each part in the sales process. We pride ourselves on making sure that you have a special, personalized experience with each person that needs to sell my house fast so reach out to see how we can help you to sell my house fast, no matter where the house is! If you are ready to get started now and request a cash offer, please visit our we buy houses California page and fill out the details to get a call with a cash offer.