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At CANDID Property Solutions, we can tell that we are totally different from other home buying companies. We genuinely care about people we work with and we hope to give an honest and CANDID way of doing business. We see to it that we give precise information about the full process when you sell your house in Kansas.

Nothing is too complicated for us as we can absolutely help with various type of property issues, including:

  • You’ve inherited a property that needs too much work/ is too far for you to manage.
  • You are going through a divorce and you need a neutral third party to work with and get it sold fast.
  • You are facing foreclosure because you are behind on the mortgage.
  • The property has delinquent property taxes that are owed against it.
  • The property has code violations from the city or county.
  • The house needs a lot of repairs and you don’t have the time or money to take on the project.
  • There are problematic tenants living in the property and they are making it hard to sell.
  • The property needs to go through probate before you can sell it.
  • There are too many different liens against your property and need help negotiating them down.

These are typical problems that a person may have but whatever it is, we will be here to help. We will give you a deal that will surely work in your distinct situation when we buy houses Kansas.



  • CALL US OR SUBMIT YOUR INFORMATION. We can talk about your situation and see the best way for us to help you sell your house fast.
  • SEND PHOTOS OF YOUR HOUSE OR SET A TIME FOR US TO VISIT. To determine our offer, we just need to get a better idea of the work that your house needs.
  • GET YOUR FAIR CASH OFFER. It will be up to you whether you want to take it. And if you do, you get to pick the closing date and we will work on your schedule.

Need To Sell My House Fast Kansas? We’ll Give You A Cash Offer In Just Minutes!

It is necessary that you do your due diligence when you sell your house to a cash buyer or investor. This is to ensure that you are working with a reliable home buying company that has your best interest at heart and who is fair on how they manage their business. You will get to know how reputable a business is by word of mouth. Here are some of the things that other home sellers got to say as they worked together with CANDID Property Solutions to sell their home:

We Buy Houses Kansas | 5-Star Commentaries

We Buy Houses Local Review For Home Buying Company
We Buy Houses Local - CANDID Property Solutions

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We have a lot of commentaries on our Google my business profile and Facebook page that you can check to help you out decide before you choose a company where to sell my house fast Kansas. We want to keep our reputation to the highest degree so you can expect an honest and fair dealing the entire process when we buy houses Kansas. We are statewide and buy houses in every area of Kansas which is the great part about selling your house to us. Though, there are areas that we are more active than the others. Take a look at some of the more popular places we are buying houses in Kansas.

General Areas We Buy Houses Kansas:


We buy houses not just inside Kansas but within the entire country too. We can provide you a cash offer no matter where the house is located because we are a nationwide home buying company. And because we are in 50 states, it will mean that you can rely on one company any time you need to sell a house. We will help you wherever you are.

7 Reasons Why Sellers Love to Work With Us:

  1. Our track record of trustworthiness and honesty. Our reviews say it all!
  2. It doesn’t matter what shape the house is in, we won’t require you to fix a thing when you sell your house to us in Kansas – we buy houses as-is!
  3. A fair cash offer for your house that is based on the condition and what other houses are selling for in the area.
  4. We’ll work around your schedule and close on the timeline that works best for you.
  5. We pay for all of the escrow fees and closings costs so that not a dime will come out of your profits.
  6. There are no hassles when you sell to us! In a regular “on market” transaction, you would typically have to deal with banks, appraisals or home inspections that require lots of paperwork. Not with us!
  7. There are absolutely no agents involved! That way you won’t have to pay a dollar for commissions.

You just need to call us and rely on CANDID Property Solutions if you need to sell your house. The best offer that will work for you will be presented and you’ll be given a level of service that is unbeaten in this industry! Say you had trouble getting rid of your property while partnering with an agent before, we sure can still buy your house! After all, we focus on solving property problems. Our story started in Los Angeles, California through our sister company, Mrs. Property Solutions.

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In case you have questions or would like to gain more details before you choose on which credible home buying company you want to work with, we have some excellent resources available on our Frequently Asked Questions page! To know how exactly we buy houses Kansas, then visit the How It Works page to get specific information about each part in the buying process. We pride ourselves on making sure that you will have a different kind of experience, one where you will be satisfied when you sell my house fast Kansas. Reach out to see how we can help you to sell my house fast no matter where the house is! Please visit our we buy houses Kansas page and fill out the details to get a call with a cash offer if you are ready to get started now and request a cash offer.