CANDID Property Solutions”s main purpose is nothing but to make things easy-peasy for the seller with our fast process. And we are not just any other home buying company in New Haven CT.

More often than not, people face challenges getting an offer for their house and we do not want you to go through that same scenario. With us, we will make things possible and all are on the table. We will see to it that you are fully informed of the whole process when you sell my house fast New Haven, as we go by our name, CANDID.

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We Buy Houses In New Haven | Our 3 Basic Steps

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We make it as simple as a three-step process – that way you don’t spend more time and you can make a decision about selling your house in New Haven immediately – since we know that you don’t want the property problems to be lingering any longer. Here’s a step-by-step on how you can sell my house fast New Haven CT


You can dial 877-722-1622 for an amazing offer and fast transaction.


No need to worry about duties or fees, only the best offer for your house.


It won’t take long as we will pay you just within days.

We Buy Houses in New Haven | 5-Star Feedback

Nothing is worthier to us than putting your mind at ease and giving you assurance when you sell my house fast New Haven CT. We will work with people as we see fit the situation and we will support as necessary every step of the way. Once we buy your house for cash in New Haven, we will be direct to the point with our offer. People get to experience it themselves, how reassuring it is to be able to work with CANDID and we intend to keep it that way for the sellers. Check out the clips below…

5 Star Reviews | Candid Property Solutions
5 Star Review | Candid Property Solutions

We extremely believe in being CANDID about the entire process, hence the name… With our business’s great character, we will give you a really good deal you can’t say no to! Please check out the reviews available on Facebook and Google given by the sellers which, pretty much, give you an idea of how we are different from other home buying companies. And to make it vivid, you will definitely learn how we do things while in the midst of the process when we buy houses New Haven CT, so you better check out those reviews and get your own best deal!

” Very lovely company that is more than willing to help solve problems and go beyond the minimum necessary to do so. I am so grateful for my experience with this company. “ – Joshua Reynolds

Check out more 5-star feedback by visiting our Testimonials Page…



When we buy houses New Haven CT, we make it our personal goal to give only the best, an offer where you will gain the most. Whatever the situation will be, rest assured that you can depend on us and the solution will be in your best interest as we look at situations from all angles. We check on all of the facts and review every information available. That way, we can use it to arrange the most suitable deal for the sellers. Let’s go over some of the wonderful benefits…


Make no repairs! You don’t need to get your house “ready” to sell! We buy houses New Haven CT as-is so you don’t have to spend more money on the property – no matter what needs to be fixed!


There are no commissions and we will even take care of all of the closing costs and escrow fees which means more profit in your pocket. Save thousands on real estate commissions and closing costs!

Are you having difficulties selling your house even with an agent’s help? There are quite a number of people who need to sell my house fast New Haven CT. And normally, these same groups of people are totally having a tough time when they list their houses with a realtor. We understand if you may feel uneasy at times as this is really a well-known issue. If you need to get rid of the property as soon as possible, your way to go is getting a fast cash offer that we are more than willing to oblige. It won’t really matter what state the house is in because we can take it as it is and also take all the burden away from you when we buy houses New Haven CT.

Reasons Why People Need To Sell A House Fast New Haven


  • death in the family
  • bankruptcy
  • excessive liens
  • out of state owner
  • downsizing
  • out of state owner


  • major repairs needed
  • inherited house
  • downsizing
  • water/ fire damage
  • probate
  • bad tenants


  • behind on mortgage
  • code violations
  • moving out of state
  • bad neighborhood
  • divorce
  • foreclosure

All of these can be time-consuming, exhausting, and costly. That is the great part about selling fast for cash. It gives you the option to get rid of the problem quicker. Let us handle all of the work and deal with the trouble that is causing you unnecessary strain.


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Do you possess a house in another city or state that you need to sell? We are also buying houses nationwide aside from buying houses in New Haven CT! This means you can get a fair cash offer for your house in all 50 states. With boots on the ground in all 50 states, we can either organize a meet-up or do business entirely over the phone.


We are more than happy to present you only the best opportunity you surely deserve. As we aim for the most beneficial selling experience, you can expect a fair treatment during the entire process. And for us to start right away, we will appreciate it if you can forward us some photos of the property, then we will be glad to grant you a fast quote on the phone. Please do not take second thoughts and just call or fill up the information needed below so we can reach you once you decided to know how much in return you can get for your home.

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