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CANDID Property Solutions is not just any other home buying company in Tucson AZ. Our goal is nothing but to make things easy-peasy for the seller with our fast process. More often than not, sellers encounter issues getting an offer for their property and we do not want you to go through that same thing. All are on the table and we will make things possible. As we go by the name, CANDID, we will see to it that you are fully aware of the entire process when you sell my house fast Tucson.

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Give us a few minutes before listing to an agent! The traditional way of selling a house to a realtor is not as practical, easy, and convenient as selling to us. When you choose to sell through an agent, you’re allowing a middle man to transact on your behalf. You’ll have to sign a listing agreement giving them exclusive right to sell your home. They should be able to sell your house, oftentimes lower than what you expected. You will still have to pay for their commissions regardless – and that could go up to 6%! That’s $6,000 on a $100K sale! That’s a lot of money that you’re wasting away.

We Buy Houses in Tucson AZ

5-Star Commentaries

With a pristine track record of honesty and trustworthiness, you can feel secure that CANDID will be upfront and honest with you if we make you an offer to buy your house for cash in Tucson. You will never find another company with so many positive reviews from other sellers who decided to sell my house fast Tucson AZ. Just check out some of these recent surveys from other sellers that were satisfied with the process when we gave them a fair offer for their house and made the process extra seamless on them.

5 Star We Buy Houses Local Review

“It was lovely. I called you and you called me back within minutes. I had already spoken to several other companies. They had all given me what I consider very fair offers for them, You are the only one who gave me a fair offer for me! You made sure I got what I asked for, not just what you felt like paying. We were done within days! It took me longer to move than selling the house! “

We Buy Houses Local Honest Reviews | We Buy Houses California

“I read everything about her.. I sent her a quick little email. And within hours she responded. I sold this house with her help, within 2 weeks. I’m really excited. This is a person that you really, really need to call. Talk to her, trust in her! She’s the real person, she’s the real thing. She’s very gentle! Give the business to her and she will take you all the way till the end!”

There is nothing more important to use than our reputation! You can check out our reviews on Facebook and Google. We guarantee that during the process when we buy houses Tucson AZ, you will have a total understanding of how things work when you sell your house. We believe in being CANDID about the entire process, hence the name!

“Cristina is an energetic and creative business owner with the highest level of integrity and an enormous amount of knowledge in the real estate business. She is very passionate about her business and even more passionate about her clients .” – Margaret Garrett

Check out more 5-star commentaries by visiting our Testimonials Page…

We Buy Houses In Tucson

Easy 3-Step Process

As the saying goes, time is indeed gold. We do not want our process to be troublesome and lengthy when you sell my house fast Tucson AZ so here is how our process goes. Easy, fast and definitely convenient for you:



Contact us at 877-722-162. Tell us your story and we’ll come up with a strategize solution for you. Give us a call now and ditch all your stress!



Get an offer in as fast as 30 mins. We won’t waste your time on a low ball offer. We provide a fair and honest offer.



Get paid in cash within days and no need to 6 months up to a year to sell your house. No bank approval needed



We will make it our personal goal to create a custom solution that is going to fit your circumstances – and we know that will probably look a little different for each person we help. In every transaction that we do when we buy houses Tucson AZ, there are things that you can count on – let’s go over some of the wonderful benefits…


We can give you a fair offer and pay in cash for your house based comparable sales and the amount of work that is needed when we buy houses Tucson AZ.


Make no repairs! You don’t need to get your house “ready” to sell! We buy houses Tucson AZ as-is so you don’t have to put another penny into the property – no matter what needs to be fixed!

sell house fast phoenix az


In a hurry to close quickly? Or maybe you need a few months to move… We can work completely around your schedule and close on a date that is suitable for you, whether it’s days, weeks or months away!


Save a lot on agent fees and closing costs! No commissions and we will even take care of all of the closing costs and escrow fees, so more savings in your pocket.

Having trouble selling your house? This is a well-known situation when listing their house with a realtor isn’t working and we got lots of people who need to sell my house fast Tucson AZ. We understand that, sometimes, it is not the best option for everyone and a fast cash offer is a way to go if you need to get rid of it quickly. That is why when we buy houses Tucson AZ, we make the process efficient and fast. It does not matter what state the house is in which means selling your home to CANDID is an amazing option if you are experiencing any property difficulties.

Why People Need To Sell A House Fast Tucson


  • bad tenants
  • moving out of state
  • bad neighborhood
  • divorce
  • major repairs needed
  • inherited houses


  • excessive liens
  • downsizing
  • water/ fire damage
  • out of state owner
  • death in the family
  • downsizing


  • behind on mortgage
  • code violations
  • bankruptcy
  • out of state owner
  • foreclosure
  • probate

These are all too time-consuming, exhausting, and expensive. That is the great part about selling fast for cash. It gives you the opportunity to get rid of the problem faster. We are here to handle all of the work and trouble which the property gives you.


we buy houses fast cash phoenix az

Do you have a house in another city or state that you want to sell? We are also buying houses nationwide aside from buying houses in Tucson AZ which means you can get a fair cash offer for your house in all 50 states. We can either arrange a meeting or do business simply over the phone with boots on the ground in all 50 states.


If you are interested to know how much you can get for your house, you can definitely reach us anytime. You will be given the best selling experience there is and the most beneficial deal you deserve. If you can send us photos, we’ll be happy to give you a fast quote over the phone and you have nothing to lose when you sell your house fast Tucson.

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Our Commitment to the Community

Every property we buy,
Candid Property Solutions donates $100 to your charity of choice!


Jason and Cristina, a husband and wife, live in Los Angeles California. They founded CANDID Property Solutions which is a Christian company that manages the business in a very transparent way. Cristina is also the one who started Mrs. Property Solutions, a sister company.

Because of their love for travel and feel that they have so much to give, they started CANDID Property Solutions. The couple’s goal is to reach out to people all across the United States and help them with their own property problems.  

These two take each chance they can get to bring a really fair solution to every seller they meet. And as the business grows, they remain passionate in helping out. If you are up to it, feel free to reach either of them anytime.